"Peace" - Limited edition 60"x30"


Let go to the wind and the waves,
as they pull you from above and below.
Give in to the movement and the flow,
as it holds you around and within.

-A.W. Barwick


Canvas Embellished by hand Gallery wrapped canvas print stretched over wood bars. Each canvas embellished is unique as I hand paint over it with thick acrylic paintings, applied by palette knife, in some areas to add a 3-D feel. This is a great alternative to an original painting that will have a very similar finish - Limited edition of 25

Materials: Acrylics

Size: 60" x 30" x 1.5"

Color: blue, black and white

Finish: Semi gloss with 3D texture in some areas.

Canvas prints are made to order with high quality archival materials, please allow 15-20 business days for shipping. Ready to hang.

Free shipping within the USA on orders $100 and up

For inquiries outside the USA contact me at karina@karinallergoart.com

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